The Kochi-Muziris Biennale is based in Kerala, South India. Forming in the pupil of an eye was the third iteration of the Biennale and occured between December 12, 2016 until March 29, 2017. It was curated by artist Sudarshan Shetty. Kelly joined the curatorial team in August 2016, and  wrote and edited the Biennale’s guide and catalogue, curatorial statement, and an unpublished children’s book titled, Kutti’s Night at the Biennale. 

Forming in the pupil of an eye — catalogue
Curator: Sudarshan Shetty
Head of Publication: Andreas Koller
Writer and Editor: Kelly Fliedner

Editorial Assistant: Robert Wood
Malayalam Translation: Nijas Jewel
Additional Translation: Ramees Rajai
Translation Coordination: Guatam Das

Concept and Art Direction: Andreas Koller, David Keshavjee, Marietta Eugster
Design: David Keshavjee and Marietta Eugster in collaboration with The Local Network, Kochi. 
Publisher: Kochi Biennale Foundation

Dimensions: 252 × 179 × 2mm
Pages: 443
ISBN 978-8-126474-516