Kelly Fliedner is a writer, curator, lecturer and producer. Her writing is varied, ranging from contemporary and art historical analysis, to a creative style that lies somewhere between ficto-criticism, prose poetry and script writing.

Recently Kelly was part of the curatorial team of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale based in Kerala, India. Among other things she wrote and edited the Biennale’s guide, catalogue and a short children’s book titled, Kutti’s Night at the Biennale.

Currently Kelly is working as an editor and producer for the Centre for Stories, a Perth-based literary organisation, while also writing and producing On the Beach a podcast that focuses on the convergence of critical and creative discourses surrounding contemporary art. In 2016 she presented a series of radio plays for the Next Wave Festival, and was one of six artists taking part in the Biennale of Sydney’s experimental writing project, The Bureau of Writing

Kelly was Program Curator at West Space from 2009 until 2013, and co-founder and co-editor of their online publication the West Space Journal until 2015. She has worked with other organisations including Monash University Museum of Art, MPavilion, Next Wave, un Magazine, and Melbourne Fringe. In 2014 she was the Australia Council for the Arts’ London Arts Writers Resident.

In 2016 Kelly received a first-class Master of Arts (Art History) from the University of Melbourne. Her thesis examined the production and presentation of experimental music, art, performance and installation by a group of musicians, visual artists, writers, performers and film makers who were involved in the activities taking place at the Clifton Hill Community Music Centre, Melbourne from 1976 until 1984.

Twitter / Instagram: @klfliedner
Skype: kelly.fliedner

Curriculum vitae

Selected professional positions
2017–ongoing: Editor and Producer, Centre for Stories
2016–2017: Writer & Editor, Kochi-Muziris Biennale
2014–2016: Communications Coordinator, MUMA
2013–2015: Editor, West Space Journal
2015: Sessional lecturer, La Trobe University
2009–2013: Curator, West Space
2012–2013: Research Assistant, Talking Points, Australia Council for the Arts
2009–2010: Magazine Coordinator, un Magazine

Selected creative projects
2016–ongoing: On the Beach podcast
2015–2016: The Bureau of Writing, 20th Biennale of Sydney
2016: Ships in the Night, 2016 Next Wave Festival

Selected awards and grants
2016: Australia Council for the Arts, Development Grant for Individuals
2015: Arts Victoria, Development and Presentation Grant
2014: London Arts Writers Residency, Acme Studios
2012: City of Melbourne, Presentation Grant
2010–2011: Gertrude Contemporary Emerging Writers Program
2010: City of Melbourne, Presentation Grant

2012–2013: Curatorial Advisory Committee, Next Wave
2008–2013: Program Committee Member, West Space

Academic qualifications
2016: Master of Arts (Research) (Art History), University of Melbourne
2008: Bachelor of Arts (with Honours), University of Melbourne

Selected curatorial projects
Nov 2013: History is our audience
West Space, Melbourne. Craig Burgess, Marcia Jane, Taree Mackenzie and Ronen Becker with David Chesworth, Dirk de Bruyn and John Nixon. Curated by Kelly Fliedner.

Aug 2012: Ode to form
West Space, Melbourne. Jeremy Bakker, Belle Bassin, Sanne Mestrom, Veronica Kent and Jake Walker. Curated by Kelly Fliedner.

2011–2012: Today Your Love
A series of exhibitions, events and performances, West Space, Melbourne. Featuring Nick Waddell, Elizabeth Presa, David Mutch and friends, Jessie Scott and Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, Camilla Hannan and Eamon Sprod, Gavan Blau and Rowan McNaught, Adam Cruickshank, Patrick Pound, Michael Ciavarella, Alex Ippoliti and Ross Coulter, Eugenia Lim, Dan West, Yumi Umiumare and David Wolf, Greatest Hits, Sam George and more. Curated by Phip Murray and Kelly Fliedner.

Oct 2010: Things I Wish I’d Known
West Space, Melbourne. Featuring Ross Coulter, Melody Ellis, Brad Haylock, Veronica Kent, Sanné Mestrom, Lillian O’Neil, Patrick Pound, Ben Sheppard, Utako Shindo, Tai Snaith, Kieran Stewart and Dominic Redfern, with essays by Phip Murray and Kelly Fliedner. Curated by Phip Murray and Kelly Fliedner.

May 2010: Structural Integrity
West Space Pavilion, presented as part of Next Wave Festival, Meat Market, North Melbourne. Greatest Hits, Veronica Kent, Alanna Lorenzon, Rowan McNaught, Scott Mitchell + the Brunswick Secondary College Science-Art Club, Safari Team, Ben Sheppard, Nick Waddell, Jordan Wood and Nicki Wynnychuk. Curated by Phip Murray and Kelly Fliedner.

Apr 2010: The Nothing
West Space, Melbourne and Chalk Horse, Sydney. Featuring Damiano Bertoli, Lou Hubbard, Sanne Mestrom, Deborah Ostrow, Daniel Price, Matthew Shannon and Jackson Slattery. Curated by Kelly Fliedner.

Mar 2010: The High Life
Presented as part of Melbourne Food and Wine Festival across various venues: Sarti Restaurant & Bar, Rooftop Bar and Cinema, The Order of Melbourne and Madame Brussels, Melbourne. Featuring The Hotham Street Ladies + Natasha Frisch, Dell Stewart + Adam Cruickshank, Andy Hutson + Kirsten Bradley, Tai Snaith + Carl Scrase. Curated by Phip Murray and Kelly Fliedner.

Sep 2009: Someone looking at someone…
West Space, Melbourne. Meredith Turnbull and Ross Coulter, Patrick Pound and Peter Tyndall. Curated by Kelly Fliedner.

Selected publishing projects
Dec 2016: Forming in the pupil of an eye
A guide and collection of short stories publishing in the occasion of the 2016 Koch-Muziris Biennale. Written and edited by Kelly Fliedner.

Aug 2016: with a body always but but still drying
Written and edited by The Bureau of Writing (Andrew Brooks, Beth Caird, Kelly Fliedner, Benjamin Forster, Astrid Lorange, Aodhan Madden and Sarah Rodigari). Published by the Biennale of Sydney.

May 2014: West Space Journal, Issue 3
Texts and artwork by A Constructed World, Tim Alves, Martine Stig, Sarinah Masukor, Louisa King, Damiano Bertoli, Neil Beloufa, Mariana Vishmidt, Peter Osborne and Gavan Blau, Yael Bartana, Toril Johannesen, Kim Brockett, Rowan McNaught, Kelly Fliedner, Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Liang Luscombe, Henna-Rikka Halonen, Chris Mann, Anusha Kenny and Avni Dauti. Edited by Rowan McNaught and Kelly Fliedner. Designed by Rowan McNaught.

Dec 2013: West Space Journal, Issue 2
Texts and artwork by Channel G, Fayen D’evie, Lesley Gourlay, Sean Dockray, Mike Bulajewski, Kelly Fliedner, Emily Floyd, *Candy Factory Projects with Takuji Kogo and Federico Baronello, Lou Hubbard, Slavs and Tatars, Sarinah Masakor, Sam Szoke-Burke, Gavan Blau, Dick El Demasiado, Tim Alves, Patrick Pound, Melanie Gilligan, Nick Selenitsch, Marcus Herse, Chronox, Naeem Mohaiemen, Oscar Perry, Hannah Black and Sally Shafto. Edited by Rowan McNaught and Kelly Fliedner. Designed by Rowan McNaught.

Nov 2013: Ode to form
An online exhibition catalogue/publication. Texts by Nicholas Croggon, Simon Maidment, Oliver Watts, Adrian Martin, Anusha Kenny, Zara Stanhope and Christopher Williams-Wynn. Artwork by Jeremy Bakker, Belle Bassin, David Capra, Helen Johnson, Veronica Kent, Sanne Mestrom and Jake Walker. Photography by Matthew Stanton. Edited by Kelly Fliedner Designed by Rowan McNaught.

Jun 2013: West Space Journal, Issue 1
Texts and artwork by Ben Coonley, Carolyn Kane, Chris Dancy, Christopher Kirkley, Dina Kelberman, Hamish Win, Harry Burke, James Eisen, Jennifer Chan, Jessie Scott, Juliette Bonneviot, Justin Clemens, Lesley Gourlay, Library of the Printed Web, Martine Syms, Peter Tyndall and Wei Huang. Edited by Rowan McNaught and Kelly Fliedner. Designed by Rowan McNaught.

Image ^ Reading of Ships in the Night, a response to The Fraud Complex curated by Johnson+Thwaites at West Space, Melbourne. Presented as part of Next Wave Festival 2016. Photo: Lee Bailey

Image ^ Reading of Ships in the Night, a response to Ua num le fau curated by Léuli Eshraghi at Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne. Presented as part of Next Wave Festival 2016. Photo: Lee Bailey.